Event Name Locations Participants
All Day  
12:00 am
McG Idol Auditions 3rd-5th - 12:40-2:40pm    
LAHS Cart 2 - Modern Lit. Research LAHS Room 654 - "modular desks" Hooper
Los Alamitos High
LAHS Cart 3 - Con chem textbook pilot LAHS Room 105 - Lab Gur, M.
LAHS Cart 5 - Chavez, S. - Spanish Research LAHS Room 711 Chavez, S.
12:30 am
6:00 am
6:30 am
PAC Reserved for Dance LAHS Facilitron Reservation only: PAC/Performing Arts Center LAHS PAC Technician
7:00 am  
7:30 am
LAHS Cart 4 Algebra 1 LAHS Room 308 - whiteboard desks Gahungu, A.
8:00 am
10:30 am
11:00 am
LAHS ASB Class 4th period LAHS Room 500 ASB
11:30 am  
12:00 pm
LAHS Christian Club LAHS Room 153/154 (Open Wall) Wagoner, M.
12:30 pm
CDC Lead Teacher Meeting D.O. BOARD CONFERENCE ROOM Child Development Center
1:00 pm
1:30 pm
2:00 pm
Psychologists' meeting D.O. TRAINING CONFERENCE ROOM May, Diana
2:30 pm  
3:00 pm
Robotics Testing D.O. TRAINING ROOM White, Shari 2
3:30 pm
LAHS Girls Soccer Meeting LAHS Room 500 Girls Soccer Booster Club
4:00 pm
Personnel Commission Meeting D.O. BOARD CONFERENCE ROOM Personnel Commission
4:30 pm  
5:00 pm
LAHS Boys Soccer vs Marina LAHS Field #4 Boys Soccer - VAR
Athletics for Admin
OAK - Choir Booster Board Meeting OAK-Multi Purpose Room Oak-Choir
5:30 pm  
5:45 pm
LAHS Wrestling @ Edison HS Edison HS Wrestling - VAR
Athletics for Admin
6:00 pm
LAHS Orchestra Booster Meeting LAHS Room 500 Orchestra Booster Club
Padilla, J.
6:30 pm  
7:00 pm
LAHS Boys BB vs Marina LAHS Gym with locker rooms Boys Basketball - VAR
Athletics for Admin
OAK - Choir Booster General Meeting Oak Middle Oak-Choir
7:30 pm
11:30 pm