Event Name Locations Participants
Key Date
Dining for McGaugh - Taco Surf on Main St.    
All Day
LAHS Homecoming Spirit Week Los Alamitos High Los Alamitos High
12:00 am
LAHS- PSAT Test Set Up LAHS Conference Room A Career Center/Counseling
12:30 am
6:00 am
6:30 am
LAHS Choir Classes- Rehearsal LAHS PAC/Performing Arts Center Los Alamitos High
7:00 am
LAHS PSAT - Bell Schedule: http://www.losal.org/Page/602 LAHS Conference Room D
LAHS Room 612
LAHS Room 813
LAHS Room 611
LAHS Room 603
LAHS Room 816
LAHS Room 817
LAHS Room 400
LAHS Room 818
LAHS Room 505
LAHS Room 815
LAHS Room 153/154 (wall open only)
LAHS Room 510
LAHS Room 819
LAHS Room 528
LAHS Room 705
LAHS Room 604
LAHS Room 706
LAHS Room 708
LAHS Room 606
LAHS Room 715
LAHS Room 704
LAHS Room 812
LAHS Room 300
LAHS Room 702
LAHS Room 301
LAHS Room 302
LAHS Room 814
LAHS Room 303
LAHS Room 710
LAHS Room 712
LAHS Room 410 - Yearbook
LAHS Room 811
LAHS Room 305
LAHS Stone, G.
7:30 am
Walk to School Day Rush Park Hop-All Students
8:00 am  
8:30 am
7th-8th ELA & New 6th ELA Great Books: Inquiry Training - Day 1 D.O. TRAINING ROOM White, Shari 1
PK-5 Administrative Staff Meeting D.O. TRAINING CONFERENCE ROOM Kropp, Sherry
9:00 am
10:30 am
11:00 am  
11:05 am
LAHS String Orchestra and Chamber Orchestra Rehearsals 4th LAHS Room 500 Padilla, J.
11:30 am  
12:00 pm
LAHS Christian Club LAHS Room 153/154 (wall open only) Jones K.
12:30 pm  
12:40 pm
LAHS String Orchestra and Chamber Orchestra Rehearsals 5th LAHS Room 500 Padilla, J.
McG - Youth Center Afterschool Music Program McGaugh, J. H. Elementary McGaugh, J. H. Elementary
1:00 pm  
1:15 pm
McG - City of Los Al Volleyball MCGA-Fields City of Los Alamitos
1:30 pm
2:00 pm
2:30 pm
Los Al Live Improv Show LAHS Room 513 (Drama Room) Los Al Live
3:00 pm
LAHS Marching Band Rehearsal LAHS Field #6 - Softball Field - JV Band
Los Alamitos High
3:30 pm  
4:00 pm
Personnel Commission Meeting D.O. BOARD CONFERENCE ROOM Personnel Commission
Youth Water Polo Practice LAHS Pool PC Coast Aquatics of Los Alamitos
4:30 pm  
5:00 pm
LA Baseball/CA Aces LAHS Field #2 - Baseball Field - JV California Aces 134
LAHS ASB Dinner LAHS Room 500 Los Alamitos High
LAHS Homecoming Assembly Set-up LAHS Gym (no locker rooms) ASB
5:30 pm  
6:00 pm  
6:05 pm
LAHS Boys Varsity WP vs Edison @ NHHS Newport Harbor HS Boys Waterpolo - VAR
Athletics for Admin
6:30 pm
LAHS Choir Booster Meeting LAHS Room 153/154 (wall open only) Choir Booster
LAHS Left Coast Scuba LAHS Room 303 Fenton, R.
7:00 pm  
7:10 pm
LAHS Boys Varsity WP vs Edison Newport Harbor HS Athletics for Admin
Boys Waterpolo - VAR
7:30 pm
11:30 pm